GNGNB EP39: ZAPPed again!

A Guy, a Girl, and a Bottle Wine Podcast EP39: ZAPPed again!

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Viva Zinfandel!

A few weeks ago we attended the ZAP Festival (, a.k.a the Zinfadel Advocates & Producers Festival in San Francisco, this festival is completely out of control.  To give you an idea of how big this event is, there were approximately 9,000 attendees, 273 wineries, and 550 wines featured, if you were to hit every single one, and even if you didn’t actually consume the wine but only swirled the wine in your mouth they still would have to haul you out on a wheel barrow. Oh, yeah, did I mention the 1,500 pounds of cheese?

We really enjoy going the ZAP festival, but it can be a bit overwhelming which is why it is a good idea to look in the program pick the producers that your intrested in trying and just go for it (it also helps make the decision process easier if there is a sexy beautiful girl pouring the wine). If you are planning a trip out to wine country next year and Zinfadel is a favorite of yours I think you should definatly consider planning it around this 4-day extravaganza event in late January, you will not be disappointed!

Well, because there was no way Joe and I was able to taste all the wines and talk about it, we decided to change things up a bit on this show and we simply recorded random bits and pieces from the show floor. We hope that you like it, we will return to the regular format for the next show. Of the wines we tried, we picked some of our favorites, such as:

Brown Estate (a favorite from last year)
Barefoot (another favorite from last year and has become a regular at meal times at the guy and girl family dinners).  I love these guys because their
booth was fun, and they knew how to draw a crowd, believe it or not Elvis is apparently not dead.
Javalina Leap Vineyard Winery here is where they had the beautiful girl pouring the wine but this wine was not just a pretty face it was down right amazing. If you can get your hands on a bottle, check it out for sure.
Frank Family  We don’t want to say too much about these guys because they are going to be featured in an upcoming episode, so stay

Our Artist featured this week is Black Lab – Ecstasy

. You can find more music from along with other great artists on the Podsafe Music Network

Thanks to everyone who helped make this episode – special thanks to John from the CorkDork blog ( for spotting some of the great wines and sharing those with us.  Check out his blog for full details (he even liked the Adobe Road Zin that we raved about!)


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