GNGNB EP38: Wine Blogging Wednesday #30 New World Syrah

A Guy, a Girl, and a Bottle Wine Podcast EP38: Wine Blogging Wednesday #30

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We are getting back in the swing of things and after the ZAP festival in San Francisco, we caught with an old friend, Tim Elliot of Winecast who coincidentally is hosting this month’s Wine Blogging Wednesday. This month’s challenge is much easier than the last time Tim hosted a WBW, and the theme this time around is New World Syrahs. (New World refers to areas that are relatively new to the wine making world. This includes the Americas, as well as New Zeland and Australia.)

Our choice is the 2005 Little Penguin Shiraz.

Little Penguin

Listen to our podcast, and find out why we disagree on this bottle of wine.

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The song for this episode is by Matthew Ebel and the song is Drive Away, from the CD Beer and Coffee. Don’t forget, if you like this song drop the artist a line and let them know what you think and tell them you heard them on A Guy, A Girl, and a Bottle wine podcast!

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2 Responses to “GNGNB EP38: Wine Blogging Wednesday #30 New World Syrah”

  1. […] Pam and Joe turned in the only podcast of WBW 30 at A Guy, A Girl and A Bottle. It’s good to see them back on the air after a hiatus but I don’t think they will be drinking any more 2005 Little Penguin Shiraz after listening to their review. […]

  2. crayon says:

    Woah Hoah, look at this guy bloggin and podcastin and the like. do you want fries with that blog?