GNGNB Ep29: Merlot Madness

Episode 29: Merlot Madness

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In this installment of ‘A Guy, a Girl, and a Bottle’ Joe visits San Francisco to attend a seminar on Merlot and an attempt to restore the good character and decent name of this intriguing varietal after the damage that the movie ‘Sideways’ has inflicted upon the much maligned merlot.

Chris Phelps and Stu Harrison of Swanson vineyards present their case on merlot and why this wine deserves more respect.

Music “Taste It” by Casey Desmond
Casey Desmond - Casey Desmond - Taste It

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Tune in on April 30th, when we release our 30th episode and give 3 lucky listeners a chance to win a signed copy of Scott Sigler’s first podcast novel – EARTHCORE

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