Lover’s Cups

Lover's Cups
Hey, I don’t make up the titles around here. So this report came across the net today,

Lover’s Cups explore the idea of sharing feelings of drinking between two people in different places by using cups as communication interfaces of drinking. Two cups are wireless connected to each other with sip sensors and LED illumination. The Lover’s cups will glow when your lover is drinking. When both of you are drinking at the same time, both of the Lover’s Cups glow and celebrate this virtual kiss.

Hmm, sounds interesting. You can toast to someone without them even being the same room! Laugh if you want, but consider the possibilities.You can drink wine and feel (pun coming up here) connected to your significant other, even if they are halfway around the world. You can buy a bunch of these and have one very interesting party (the glasses can be ‘trained’ to each other by simply tapping them together as in making a toast). While not in the traditional wine glass style, seems pretty interesting nonetheless.
– The Guy

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